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Updated: 3/30/2017 8:57:59 AM

Be sure to watch for blood when you brush so you can get to the dentist right away. We can take care of filling cavities or extracting wisdom teeth for you.

Updated: 3/28/2017

Your teeth can be reshaped by our dentist to look like all your other teeth.

Updated: 3/28/2017

Some people have no problems when their wisdom teeth come in, while others have terrible pain.

Updated: 3/27/2017

People who drink a lot of coffee tend to have teeth that are stained and yellowed.

Updated: 3/27/2017

We can make sure your dentures fit well and look good in your mouth.

Updated: 3/26/2017

Missing teeth where you still have the root may only need a crown and not a complete root canal. Bacteria that's allowed to sit on your teeth can cause cavities and other problems.

Updated: 3/25/2017

Whether you need a tooth extracted, a cavity filled, preventive care or full dentures, we are the dental office that can help.

Updated: 3/24/2017

Our high tech dental equipment is designed to help you enjoy your dental experience rather than dread it.

Updated: 3/23/2017

Taking care of your teeth and gums on a daily basis will help keep excess bacteria from causing problems for you.

Updated: 3/22/2017

If you feel rough spots on your teeth near the gums, you probably have a buildup of plaque that needs to be removed.

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find new dentists
find new dentists